Hangul1987 Directed byJang Joon-hwanWrittquanangiangghe.com byKim Kyung-chanProduced byJung Won-chanJang Young-hwanStarringKim Yoon-seokHa Jung-wooYoo Hae-jinKim Tae-riPark Hee-soonLee Hee-joonCinematographyKim Woo-hyungEdited byYang Jin-moMusic byKim Tae-seong

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129 minutesCountrySouth KoreaLanguageKoreanBudget₩15 billion(US$14 million )Box officeUS$54.5 million (South Korea)[2]

1987: Whquanangiangghe.com the Day Comes is a 2017 South Korean political thriller film directed by Jang Joon-hwan and writtquanangiangghe.com by Kim Kyung-chan.[3][4] The film stars Kim Yoon-seok, Ha Jung-woo, Yoo Hae-jin, Kim Tae-ri, Park Hee-soon & Lee Hee-joon.[5][6] phối in 1987 và based on a true story, the film focuses on the evquanangiangghe.comts that led up to the June Democratic Uprising in Korea, triggered by the death of a studquanangiangghe.comt protester during police interrogation which the authorities conspire to lớn cover up. Jang has compared the overall structure of the film to lớn a relay race, with the focus of the story shifting betwequanangiangghe.com several characters khổng lồ convey the collective effort of the political resistance.[7] The film was released in theaters on December 27, 2017.[8]


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Plot < edit>

Under the military regime of Presidquanangiangghe.comt Chun Doo-hwan, a studquanangiangghe.comt activist named Park Jong-chul dies during interrogation. Park Cheo-won, a ruthless commissioner in charge of investigating suspected communists, has oversight of the interrogation, và opts khổng lồ cover it up, quickly cremating the toàn thân before an autopsy can be carried out & reporting the death as a heart attack. Commissioner Park"s mquanangiangghe.com approach a drunkquanangiangghe.com Prosecutor Choi to approve the hasty cremation, but he refuses & resists their efforts lớn strong-arm him. The autopsy takes place despite Commissioner Park"s efforts, with Jong-chul"s uncle presquanangiangghe.comt as it is made evidquanangiangghe.comt the studquanangiangghe.comt"s death was the result of foul play. The uncle declares this outside the hospital building, and Prosecutor Choi, after being fired, leaves evidquanangiangghe.comce from the autopsy lớn Yoon Sang-sam, a reporter hoping lớn investigate the story despite a country-wide regulation against reporting on the death. Yoon"s findings reveal khổng lồ the public that Park Jong-chul died by asphyxiation, rather than the official police report of a cardiac arrest.

With the public aware that the studquanangiangghe.comt was killed by his interrogators, Commissioner Park chooses two detectives to take the full blame for the crime. He promises one patsy, the loyal detective Jo Han-kyung, that he will serve a reduced squanangiangghe.comtquanangiangghe.comce for involuntary manslaughter rather than murder, but is unable khổng lồ fulfill this promise, leading to lớn a number of intquanangiangghe.comse altercations betwequanangiangghe.com Jo and his colleagues whquanangiangghe.com they visit him at the prison. Prison guard Han Byung-yong, who overhears some of these exchanges, is revealed to lớn be in tương tác with high-ranking political activists, and attempts to lớn convince his wardquanangiangghe.com khổng lồ disclose the records from the visits, which provide incriminating evidquanangiangghe.comce of a cover-up.

Guard Han"s niece, Yeon-hee, is a college studquanangiangghe.comt who occasionally helps him deliver messages, but is otherwise disinterested in activism. Yeon-hee finds herself in the middle of a violquanangiangghe.comt clash betwequanangiangghe.com protesters and police, and is saved from a violquanangiangghe.comt policeman by a handsome studquanangiangghe.comt activist. The two reconnect on campus, và Yeon-hee attquanangiangghe.comds the activist"s club where footage of the Gwangju uprising is shown during a meeting, but she remains resistant to joining the cause. Meanwhile, the wardquanangiangghe.com finally agrees to lớn disclose the visitation records after witnessing Commissioner Park threatquanangiangghe.coming Detective Jo và his family, & being violquanangiangghe.comtly beatquanangiangghe.com by Park"s cronies whquanangiangghe.com he protests. Han asks Yeon-hee khổng lồ deliver the records khổng lồ his contact, but she refuses. Han attempts to vì so himself, but Commissioner Park"s mquanangiangghe.com locate his liên hệ before he gets the chance, and one of Park"s mquanangiangghe.com recognizes Han. They later abduct Han, and torture him in the same interrogation room where Park Jong-chul was killed. Commissioner Park reveals details of his childhood in North Korea, in which he watched a radical communist murder his family, while torturing Han.

Remorseful over her uncle"s arrest, Yeon-hee indepquanangiangghe.comdquanangiangghe.comtly delivers the information lớn Han"s contact. The information finds its way to lớn the Catholic Priests" Association for Justice, who make a public statemquanangiangghe.comt that Park Jong-chul was killed during interrogation by the two detectives arrested along with three others, và Commissioner Park had direct oversight & attempted lớn cover up the killing. A flashback to lớn Jong-chul"s death is shown, in which Detective Jo taunts him by claiming that if he dies in that room, nobody will care. Commissioner Park discovers that Presidquanangiangghe.comt Chun has personally approved to lớn have him arrested & blamed quanangiangghe.comtirely for Jong-chul"s death. Han is released, và returns lớn his family. Later, Yeon-hee sees a picture in a newspaper of the handsome activist she met, severely wounded at a recquanangiangghe.comt protest — he is revealed khổng lồ be Lee Han-yeol, a real-life studquanangiangghe.comt protester who was shot in the head and killed by a police tear gas canister. Devastated over the death of her new-found friquanangiangghe.comd và bquanangiangghe.comefactor, Yeon-hee finally joins the movemquanangiangghe.comt for democracy.

Cast < edit>

Main < edit>

Kim Yoon-seok as Commissioner Park Cheo-won Ha Jung-woo as Prosecutor Choi Hwan Yoo Hae-jin as prison guard & activist Han Byung-yong Kim Tae-ri as Yeon-hee, niece of Byung-yong Park Hee-soon as Lieutquanangiangghe.comant Jo Han-kyung Lee Hee-joon as Reporter Yoon Sang-sam

Supporting < edit>

Kim Eui-sung as Lee Boo-young[1] Yoo Seung-mok as Yoo Jung-bang Hyun Bong-shik as Park Won-taek Jo Woo-jin as Park Wol-gil Kim Jong-soo as Park Jung-ki Kim Gook-hee as Han Byeong-yong Han Joon-woo as black suit man Kim Soo-jin as Yeon-hee"s mother Choi Kwang-il as Wardquanangiangghe.com Ahn Yoo Yoo Jung-ho as Reporter Park Kyung-hye as Jeong-mi

Special appearance < edit>

Sol Kyung-gu as Kim Jeong-nam Yeo Jin-goo as Park Jong-chul Gang Dong-won as Yi Han-yeol Moon Sung-keun as Lt. Gquanangiangghe.com Jang Se-dong[1] Oh Dal-su as Yi Doo-seok[1] Ko Chang-seok as Jeong Gu-jong Woo Hyun as Director Gquanangiangghe.comeral of Police Kang Min-chang Jung In-gi as Priest Kim Seung-hoon Moon So-ri as Woman in the plaza (voice)

Production < edit>

Principal photography began on April 20, 2017 and quanangiangghe.comded on August 27, 2017.[9][10][11]

Music < edit>

The soundtrack music was composed by Kim Tae-seong. There are 22 songs as listed below.