Actor Jo Jung Suk and Park Bo Young have been the center of attention ever since their lovely chemistry on the recently finished drama “Oh My Ghost.”

Many viewers seemed envious and even jealous of Jo Jung Suk for taking Park Bo Young’s first on-screen kiss since her debut. During a recent interview, Jo Jung Suk said, “I couldn’t hide my real feelings even if I wanted to,” và talked more about his lovely co-star as well as his own future goals.

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“I think I was able to converse and act better when I was with . She reciprocated well & I was able lớn trust her. The filming atmosphere was very good too, and I was happy whenever I heard the director say ‘cut,"” said Jo Jung Suk.

When he was asked about the unavoidable first kiss scene with Park Bo Young, the actor confessed, “What can I do? I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel pressured when I heard that it was her first kiss scene. I felt lượt thích her kiss scene needed lớn come out well because it was her first one. I tried to go on without letting it bother me, but I guess Park Bo Young sensed it. She told me she did. I just got absorbed into the storyline & kissed her just lượt thích how my character was feeling.”

Jo Jung Suk didn’t stop there and explained the behind-the-scenes secrets on their last kiss during the final episode, which ultimately spiked in viewership ratings. He explained, “The script actually said to set Bong Sun down on the table & kiss her. I thought about it and said khổng lồ her, ‘Let me hold you up for a sec,’ và did the scene while having her look down at me. I thought that it’ll make the scene prettier. Bong Sun kissing Sun Woo first & her looking down from above both symbolize her growth in character. The script ended there but the director didn’t say ‘cut’ so improvised, ‘Are you tired? Are you okay? But can I kiss you one more time?’ and more.”


Park Bo Young’s aegyo is to die for in the drama and even captivates the ladies, so many are wondering how Jo Jung Suk felt experiencing it right in front of him. He said, “She says that she doesn’t have any aegyo but I absolutely vì not agree. I do, however, understand why she says that. She really doesn’t try to lớn show her cuteness on purpose. She’s just a lovely person in general. Her smile, her laugh, it’s all cute. There are people who are naturally cute, & Park Bo Young is one of them.”

For better or for worse, Jo Jung Suk’s next project is one that is completely different from “Oh My Ghost.” His upcoming film “Journalist (tentative title),” slated khổng lồ premiere in October, deals with solving murders. Jo Jung Suk will be playing a local news reporter Heo Moo Hyuk.

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“I play a local news reporter in the movie but the storyline is much more than that. It’s a good one. I guarantee that this character is completely different than Kang Sun Woo from ‘Oh My Ghost.’ Please look forward khổng lồ it,” Jo Jung Suk explained.

Lastly, the actor ended the interview by sharing his goals as an actor, saying, “I hope I can become a thought-provoking actor; an actor that makes people want to lớn see his movies at least once out of curiosity. If it’s a drama, I want to lớn make people so curious that they have to see at least one episode of it.”