Learn More About The Beautiful Actress phái mạnh Sang-mi

Nam Sang-mi is a South Korean actress who was born in Yeongju, North Gyeongsang, May 3rd, 1984. Phái mạnh Sang-mi made her debut as an actress in the television drama Love Letter (2003), aired on MBC và played the role of yên Kyung-eun in younger age.

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Actress Nam Sang-mi used khổng lồ be in a relationship with actor Lee Sang-yoon, who starred in the drama About Time (2018). The actress & actor were dating since 2011 & the news about their break up surfaced 2 years later, in 2013.

Nam Sang-mi’s dating issue became a hot topic after her break up with Lee Sang-yoon, 2 years later, when nam giới SanSang-mi announced her wedding with another man in January 2015.

Well, let’s kiểm tra out the article below if you’re curious about phái mạnh Sang-mi’s marriage after she broke up with actor Lee Sang-yoon!

Actress Nam Sang-mi’s Relationship with Actor Lee Sang-yoon


Nam Sang-mi and Lee Sang-yoon admitted dating each other by announcing their lovey dovey relationship to the public in May 2011. Both of them worked together in the same drama, Life Is Beautiful (2010), aired on SBS.

The actress who played as Kim Jin-soo in the drama Gourmet (2008), has also appeared in Taxi Talk Show aired on tvN and expressed how she felt after filming on the same set in the drama with Lee Sang-yoon. Surprisingly, their interaction became something more than friendship và changed into a romantic relationship. Being entertainers, for both the actor và the actress it wasn’t easy to lớn become a real couple in real life because the public might not see them dating. But phái mạnh Sang-mi was brave enough khổng lồ make their relationship known khổng lồ the public and hope that her fans will accept their decision to love each other.

Nam Sang-mi and Lee Sang-yoon were seen having a secret date in a car while going out for a workout và it was the new evidence proving their relationship. Back in the days when they were filming the drama Life Is Beautiful, nam giới Sang-mi and Lee Sang-yoon had lớn act as a couple & eventually got married. The production staff of the drama congratulated phái mạnh Sang-mi & Lee Sang-yoon for being perfectly suited for this drama & even said that they’re actually born khổng lồ have a romantic relationship with each other.

Not only the production staff, but their fans also congratulated them for having a relationship in real life và conveying their great chemistry in the drama. It is incredible to lớn see a lovely couple that isn’t simply acting in every scene because everything just came up so naturally.

The “Life Is Beautiful” Couple Has Broken Up và Are No Longer Lovers

It was shocking to hear the news that came from actress Nam Sang-mi và actor Lee Sang-yoon about them having ended their relationship, which started in 2011 & ended at the beginning of 2013. The actress who played Jung Soo-in in the drama Gunman in Joseon (2014) had broken up with actor Lee Sang-yoon after being in a relationship for a year & a half.

The two had first met when they were working together in the drama Life Is Beautiful and their relationship had been confirmed by both of their agencies, stating that they’ve met each other back in 2010 & announced their relationship lớn the public at the beginning of 2011.

Actor Lee Sang-yoon seemed to be a really good boyfriend khổng lồ Nam Sang-mi when he made an appearance on her VIP premiere movie, The Peach Tree, and he gave her a surprise when he showed up with a huge bouquet of flowers, which made many in the audience envious.

The reason behind nam Sang-mi & Lee Sang-yoon’s break up is because they are just too busy with their own schedules in filming and other activities so they can barely meet each other. In the mean time, they made a final decision khổng lồ part ways khổng lồ pursue their career and remain friends.

What is the Current Relationship of phái mạnh Sang-mi?


According to JR Entertainment, the agency who manages phái nam Sang-mi as an actress, she held a marriage ceremony on January 24th, 2015, after the news of breaking up with her ex-boyfriend, actor Lee Sang-yoon broke out in 2013.

Nam Sang-mi announced her wedding plans with her future husband in November 2014. She decided to xuất hiện up khổng lồ her fans và talked about her upcoming marriage that will be held soon when she accepted the Excellence Award for her acting in The Joseon Gunman at the 2014 KBS Drama Awards. The drama, in which she starred alongside actor Lee Jun-ki, is an historical drama. This was their second encounter, after being cast together in the drama Time Between Dog and Wolf (2007), aired on MBC, where she played the character of Seo Ji-woo.

The actress, who played Sa-rang in the drama The Truth about Wormwood & Garlic, held a private wedding buổi tiệc ngọt which was only attended by some of her closest friends & family members, in Yangpyeong, Gyeonggi-do and has been officiated by the pastor of the church that she frequently visits with her relatives and family.

Nam Sang-mi’s agency also stated that it’s one of her dreams to hold a private wedding và apologizes khổng lồ the people who didn’t get invited because of her original wedding plan.

Who Is phái mạnh Sang-mi’s Husband?

As reported from KDramaStars, phái mạnh Sang-mi’s husband is a non-celebrity man, not likely as Lee Sang-yoon; phái mạnh Sang-mi’s ex-boyfriend, who works in the same field as her. The actress who played Yoo In-kyung in the drama My Sweetheart, My Darling, has been married to lớn a man who has a small business in the town as an entrepreneur.

They started seeing each other in 2013, the same year when her relationship with actor Lee Sang-yoon ended. The two of them knew each other as friends & their feelings for each other developed into a love story.

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Nam Sang-mi’s agency said that her husband is an “Average Guy,” which means that he is actually reliable & that probably the reason why the actress, who starred as Lee Jung-hye in the drama Lights and Shadows, married him is because he is doing everything with sincerity và has an easy going personality with everyone he meets.

That was all the latest news we could gather about phái mạnh Sang-mi’s wedding with her non-celebrity husband. For any additional info, phái nam Sang-mi had her first baby girl on November 12th, 2015. Let’s hope for the best for actress phái mạnh Sang-mi và wish that she will live a happy life with her small family!