While Han Sun-hwa is receiving positive reviews for her acting in the drama “Work Later, Drink Now”, her past relationship with Kwanghee was brought up again.

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In 2019, Han Sun-hwa uploaded a daily photo on her Instagram account. Together with the picture, she wrote, “While cleaning my room, mom said, ‘I should throw these boots away’ so I told her, ‘No! I can still wear them prettily’. Now I’m wearing the boots with my outfit for the first time”.

Han Sun-hwa wore beige boots và was taking the photo outdoors with a pleasant expression. The boots Han Sun-hwa wore were a surprise present from Kwanghee, a former member of ZE:A.

In 2012, the two worked together on MBC’s show “We Got Married“ & pretended khổng lồ be a couple for about 8 months. Although Han Sun-hwa and Kwanghee kept holding different opinions & making a fuss, the couple still received huge love & attention from netizens for their chemistry that was like a real married couple’s.

During a broadcast in 2013, Kwanghee took Han Sun-hwa to his favorite restaurant but hurt her feelings by his sudden và slow-witted confession, saying he had come there once with his ex-girlfriend.

After ordering the food, Kwanghee went away for a while then came back with a gift box. He gave Han Sun-hwa the boots that she liked as a surprise present. Receiving Kwanghee’s present, Han Sun-hwa was so surprised and couldn’t hide her happiness. She said, “I told you these boots were pretty. When did you buy it?”

During the filming break, Kwanghee went to lớn buy the boots that Han Sun-hwa unintentionally praised on their way khổng lồ the restaurant. In fact, the production team didn’t even know his plan. While Han Sun-hwa was expressing her happy & emotional feelings, Kwanghee knelt down và put on the boots for her.

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About 7 years later, Han Sun-hwa proved their precious memories by showing that she still kept Kwanghee’s gift carefully. Even after “We Got Married” ended, Han Sun-hwa still boasted her friendship with Kwanghee by releasing a photo of the two when he was about khổng lồ enlist in the military in 2017.

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